Producer and Choreographer, Cristina creates her own dance company in 2009 with the performance of “1st party”, presented in various spaces in Galicia, Madrid and Portugal.


As an interpreter and choreographer Cristina works together with various Theater companies such as ‘Teatro do Morcego’,  ’Cía.40 Pasos’, ‘Cía San&San’, ‘Cía. Bucanero’, ‘Cía. Trespasando’.


Teacher at the School of Arts and Performances in Narón (A Coruna, Spain) since 2003 and teacher and supervisor at the Contemporary Dance Company in Narón (A Coruna, Spain) since 2009, Cristina leads and teaches movement and expresion Workshops for adults and children, also throughout different schools and spaces.





Producer and Choreographer, actress and dance teacher, Rut studies a Bachelor Degree in Physical Education and Sport and also a One Year Certificate in Contemporary Dance by The Place (London).


Next to her work at Las Tricotouses  and ‘Pisando Ovos’, Rut also works as a dance teacher in A Coruña University since 2015, and colaborates simoultaneously with other companies such as ‘Matarile Teatro’, ‘Licenciada Sotelo’, ‘Lipi Hernández’, ‘Traspediante’,’ Iker Gómez’, ‘Chévere’, ‘Cristina Montero’, ‘Paula Pintos’, ‘AIREnoAR....’


Rut takes part at “The Hunter Lodge”, a group created from the European Proyect Choreoroam 2012.